POTD: Midwestern Charm (Fall Edition)

I don’t have anything terribly profound or useful to share today. I’ve recently been afflicted by the COVID blues, social distancing measures making it difficult to connect with friends, old and new. I’m constantly itching for activity and social interaction while simultaneously wanting nothing more than to curl up on my sofa and take a nice long nap. 

However, despite the ever evolving trials of 2020, life is good here in Valpo. It snowed today for the first time all year after an exceptionally long Autumn. When I’m feeling stuck, I need only step outside for a stroll around the block to be reminded of the loveliness of nature here in Indiana. 


2 thoughts on “POTD: Midwestern Charm (Fall Edition)

  1. Those COVID blues are catchy (I’ve got them, too!) Hope your Thanksgiving will be meaningful, if not wonderful. Enjoy the snow (it’s in the 60s here in Virginia, a good thing for outdoor Thanksgiving plans!) HaPpY Thanksgiving!

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