Look what the April showers brought!

There have been dozens of spring blossoms featured on this blog from many blue-skied, sunny afternoons and there will be dozens more. I simply can’t help myself. Wherever you are, I hope you have a Monday that is as sweet as these flowers. 


POTD: Sunshine and Ladybugs

Today I am kissing the weekend goodbye with a photo gallery from my most recent adventures out on the trails. Even the tiniest speck red on the wings of a ladybug or the faint blush of fresh spring blossoms is enough to make me long for the kaleidoscope of vivid greens, yellows, blues and nearly every other color under the Sun which graces Valparaiso amid the heat of summer. What colors did you notice today?

POTD: Nature’s Cobblestones

I couldn’t resist snapping this photo while out for a morning hike around Indiana National Dunes with my family this weekend. As a family of hearty Colorado hikers, we happily embarked on a new adventure, choosing the longest trail we could find which is a loop that skirts the very edge of the state park. The return trip is mostly walked on the stony beach. I found many improbably shaped, weather smoothed stones. Of course, I had to show them to my dad, the Geologist of the family. I can’t wait to explore more in the coming months. 

POTD: Go Nuts!

Happy Friday! Today’s post is short at sweet, inspired by this friendly face and dozens of squirrel puns discovered through a quick Google search. However, it’s valuable advice that we could all take to heart a little more. In my experience, the things that terrify you tend to be the very best things for you. I don’t mean horror movie jump scares or the feeling of dread you get when walking the streets alone at night. 

I’m talking about the electrifying thrill of taking chances in life, like that time you finally got up enough courage to ask out your crush. In school and work, it’s often best to err on the side of caution. However, when it comes to leading your best life, sometimes it pays to go a little nuts. 

What chances are you taking in your life?

POTD: Rocky Mountain High

When people hear that you’re from Colorado they often respond with a conspiratorial raising of eyebrows and a knowing smile. There seems to be a general assumption that, as a Coloradan, you partake in certain recreational activities for which Colorado has become known in recent years. This, in my opinion, is a rather unfair assumption. Allow me to set the record straight once and for all. We don’t all like to hit up the local dispensaries when we’re in town, not when there are so many mountains to summit instead. This is my rocky mountain high. 

When the Sun Goes to Bed

I sat down in front of my computer to write today’s post and, not for the first time, my eyelids began to droop before I’d even finished typing the title of today’s piece. I had every intention of sharing the fantastic lessons learned from chapter three of Atomic Habits or my recent and stunning success with Legendary Crab Rounds that made me the star of the Superbowl potluck. Those and many more are still in the works and will be showing up here very shortly. However, tonight I simply want to enjoy a few dazzling sunsets from Kino Bay, Mexico to Moab, Utah to Michigan City, Indiana and more. This collection is one of my favorites, compiled over years of good, old fashioned, outdoor adventure with my family, the people I love the very most. 

POTD: What About Second Winter?

If you read the title of today’s post in the chipper Scottish accent of Billy Boyd, you might be a Lord of the Rings fan. However, I could think of no better way to describe the world outside. Even with forcasted temperatures of negative 7℉ coming to town this weekend, I can’t help smiling when I look out my window to a woolly white landscape that sparkles in the morning sun with a dusting of the finest crystals. Winter came again. Wherever you’re going today, be careful on the roads, wear a hat and allow yourself to be inspired by the marvels of a frozen wonderland.  

POTD: Drop of Sunshine

In contrast with yesterday’s frozen moment, here is one of the bits of sunshine that I’m looking forward to when warm weather does come. On soft summer nights like this one, cheery yellows light up the evening even when the Sun has gone to bed. No matter what happens in life, always remember to stop and smell the flowers.