Sometimes the best action is an overreaction. Speak your mind. Do what you have to do. Don’t stifle your heart, mind or soul for fear of appearing overdramatic. Sometimes the people we love, even the ones we don’t know yet, need a loud and decisive nudge in the right direction. 

To the polite perfectionist types like myself, such measures usually feel like a trainwreck waiting to happen; thoughtless, messy ordeals that are bound to end in chaos and tears. To some, spontaneity comes as easily as breathing, one experience naturally flowing into another without hesitation. It’s risky and uncomfortable but a skill that must be mastered even among the most meticulous planners of the world.

Life is messy. If you spend all your time thinking you won’t have any left for doing. If you go to your grave never having made a scene I doubt your service will be well attended. Of course be polite, be kind, be gracious. But live boldly. Say what you mean when you mean it and don’t let life’s big moments pass you by. The perfect time won’t arrive until you choose it. 

Some people spend their lives waiting for their moments. Others dedicate themselves to creating theirs. Which one will you be? 


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