POTD: Dolce Vita!

Sweet life! Not only is it a very apt description for a long weekend with my sister, eating our way through Little Italy. It is also the name of the restaurant where we enjoyed a feast of gnocchi and veal parmesan. Our outdoor table had the feel of a small cafe on a crowded cobbled street in Italy.

While we waited for our food one of the chefs came around to each table carrying a bowl of a fresh pasta to be sampled. We also patted the heads of a few friendly dogs meandering down the street and chatted with their owners. The loud speakers overhead belted Sinatra and Phantom of the Opera tunes in competition with the ones across the street. Conversation lulled when dinner arrived and we dug in and I surprised myself by not needing a box at the end of the meal. To top off the evening we toodled up the street in search of fresh cannolis but eventually decided on refreshing sorbetto instead. Life is very good.   


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