Commitment Sucks

Do you ever struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Maybe you didn’t hear your alarm and are in for a mad dash to the office to make it in time for that 8am morning meeting. Maybe you did wake up at your alarm but still stay where you are for a moment, contemplating the seemingly endless slew of conference calls and tedious questions that are waiting for you when you do get up. Sometimes it feels impossible to greet each day with the same staunch enthusiasm which inspired you to pursue this path in the first place.

But you didn’t decide on this career and this life because it was easy. Living the life you want requires determination and discipline and a touch of courage. There’s no avoiding the fact that sometimes, commitment sucks. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, there will always be moments in life when, despite your best efforts, you can’t help but feel like the village idiot. Take these for what they are, the occasional, uncomfortable shove in the right direction, propelling you to be your best self. You are capable of difficult things even if some days you’d rather curl up on your sofa and kill an afternoon with Netflix. 

Even on your worst days you can move mountains. 


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