What the Founding Fathers Knew

I don’t normally delve into controversial topics on this blog but given what is currently transpiring in the United States, I felt it appropriate to make an exception. I understand that not everyone will agree and my goal is not to offend. I simply wish to articulate my perspective on the current events that are on everyone’s mind.

It terrifies me to hear fellow millennials that I work with talk about how the Constitution of the United States is an outdated document written for people who lived 200 years ago and not applicable in our world today. This, in my view, could not be farther from the truth. The Constitution is the foundation upon which our country was built and has endured until now because, when upheld, it continues to ensure justice and liberty for all. A lot of people forget that the word ‘democracy’ doesn’t appear in the Constitution. America wasn’t founded on the idea of mob rule but was instead intended to be a constitutional republic.

One blogger eloquently shared her views on the current situation in the US in her post, Democracy is Lost. Check it out below.

I am a true believer in the democratic process. My vote is not always the winning vote, but in a true democratic process, that is ok. Because democracy won out, which means we all win. Democracy has been trashed, burned, thrown to the wind. There are people out there who have decided that YOU should […]

Democracy is lost — Woman on a Soapbox

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