Today’s the Day!

Once again I have fallen into idle habits and am redoubling my efforts to shape myself into the successful, happy person that I always strive to be. I keep finding excuses not to do the things I want to do. I’m always running out of time. So today, instead of wasting it I will… 

  1. Get up at the second alarm. No more snooze button or emergency last call alarm. I will get up when I mean to get up.
  2. Check at least three short term work projects off my daily To Do list and make headway on one long term goal. 
  3. Do the dishes when I get home. I’m so tired of having a dirty kitchen. The ever mounting pile of pots, pans, and tupperware mounting in the sink is a constant nagging reminder of all the little ways I want to stop failing myself.
  4. Get off the screens. I will play the piano and read a book (maybe I’ll even finish it). I might go for a walk or pick up my knitting again. I will relax without the glowing devices. My eyes need a break.
  5. Go to bed on time. There’s absolutely no reason to waste hours of perfectly good daylight only to be enslaved by all the unfinished tasks until an ungodly hour. After all, the spell is always broken at the stroke of midnight. I want to go to sleep before the magic of the day wears off. 

What will you do today?


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