Miracles Among the Ashes

Tucked away in the grand halls of Glenwood Canyon there has always been a crystal blue lake twinkling high in the limestone cliffs. Hanging Lake is a beloved gem of Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a destination for tourists and locals alike. After a 1.5 mile hike and 734 feet of elevation gain, one look into its glassy depths is enough to understand why. 

Photo by Bryce Bradford from Flikr

However, Glenwood locals hold their breath as the Grizzly Creek Fire rages on around Hanging Lake, home to countless fond childhood memories. The fire has so far miraculously passed over the lake, leaving its immediate surroundings untouched. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Colorado and the firefighters who are working tirelessly to tame both the Grizzly Creek and Pine Gulch fires. 


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