POTD: Smell the Flowers

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers. Make plans. Be busy. Don’t let life pass you by. But every now and then, allow yourself some healthy boredom. Take a day to lay on the couch with that book you’ve been finishing for months and maybe even grab a new one from the shelf. Sit back in your porch chair with a glass of wine and let your foot keep time to the rustle of leaves that sounds like waves lapping at a white sandy beach. 

Take joy in your home and in being in it. This is more than where you sleep. It’s where you live. Watch the vibrant greens of the trees fade to intricate black lace against the pale sky in the evening. Take a moment to feel the world around you. Listen to the voices of dozens of far away birds like the sparkling chatter of a flute chorus. Breath in the clean sweet floral air after a heavy rain. Look up at the bright canvas of silver-blue hues in the sky that make you think of the foam capped tides of a gently swaying sea. 


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