10 Things That Will Make Any Day Better

1. Make your bed – Just do it. If nothing else, you will have the pleasure of messing it up when you get back into it in the evening. It always feels better to crawl into a made bed. 

2. Dress for your day – It never hurts to be the tiniest bit overdressed. It may seem like others don’t notice or care but it will definitely boost your own confidence. Do that often enough and people will start to notice for the better.

3. Let the light in – Humans are not nocturnal. You are not a cave dwelling Gollum creature or a sparkly vampire and you need sunshine. Open your eyes and then open the blinds and let in the day.  

4. Start fresh – File away all the loose lists, papers and projects. Save and close all the open windows and documents on your laptop. Actually close the laptop and leave it in its case in the closet overnight. The separation will do you both good. Getting started tomorrow will be so much easier with a clean screen and work surface.  

5. Tidy as you go – I still struggle with this one but it’s true. Don’t leave dirty dishes to soak. Just do them as you make them and you will never be plagued with the anxiety of a dirty kitchen.

6. Sit down and eat – A meal is meant to be shared and savored. Food is one of the ways we like to celebrate. Even if you’re dining alone, allow yourself the time for these small festivities which can truly make any day a little brighter. 

7. Experience Nature – Go for a walk. Read a book under a tree. Mow the lawn. Make a day of it and go find a trail you’ve never hiked and let it take you somewhere you’ve never been. Get away from glowing screens and electronic alerts and breath in the fresh air. You won’t regret it. 

8. Feel the music – Any music. Sing. Learn a new tune on the piano. Pick up a new instrument. Enjoy the harmonious vibrato of your favorite italian opera as you lounge in a porch chair in the evening or bust a move in your car on the way to the grocery store as you belt out some 80’s rock and roll. 

9. Have a drink – It’s impossible to not feel like an elegant, classy, successful Wonder Woman as you sip a cocktail and watch the sunset. Similar to sitting down for dinner, take a minute to celebrate you with this small indulgence. You are one-of-a-kind after all.   

10. Go to bed on time – That means you must pick a time and stick to it. Late night college studying wreaked utter havoc on my sleeping habits but I eagerly await the day when I find a routine that has me waking up refreshed for the new day. 

It’s all the little things that can turn an average day into a spectacular day. This is my list. What’s yours? 


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