Do Something!

Productivity breeds productivity. Today I went for a jog after work at 7:30pm. I meant to go jogging at 5:30 but I sat on my couch and checked Facebook and suddenly it was two hours later. There was nothing particularly special about today’s run other than the fact that it happened. I’ve fallen into the habit of making excuses not to do things. It’s too late. I still need to clean my apartment. I’ll be too tired to do anything else.

No matter what the reason is, there is always a voice in your head whispering why you shouldn’t do something. Such was the case for me today and I almost listened as I’ve grown accustomed to doing during social distancing. Things left to be finished tomorrow are never actually finished. Although I dragged my feet and wasted far too much time bustling around my apartment in search of socks and keys and running shoes, I did eventually do it. 

What’s more, I didn’t stop or walk for the entire route. It wasn’t much, just a short fifteen minute run through my neighborhood. I didn’t do it for distance or speed. I just did it. When I arrived back at my apartment, my legs and lungs burning from their first real workout in weeks, I avoided the couch. I did the dishes, tidied the living room, made dinner and started writing. I achieved more in half an hour than I often do in an entire weekend.

There are a lot of resources which recommend a full social media detox to boost productivity. I personally struggle with this as many of the groups I participate in communicate via Facebook and it is an easy way to stay connected with family and friends in Colorado. I do agree that this complete detox can be incredibly useful but on its own I’ve found that it isn’t quite enough. Reducing negative habits is fantastic but it is doubly effective when paired with strategies to grow positive routines.

Find something everyday, however small and seemingly insignificant, that you will accomplish. If your fluffy sofa is a regular black hole of well laid plans and good intentions then by all means, refrain from plopping down with your phone for some hypnotic scrolling until all other necessary tasks are completed. But success is more than abstaining from idle behavior. It comes when you create, build, grow, learn. So do something healthy and constructive every single day. Do more than stop wasting your time. Use it with purpose.


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