POTD: Under One Roof

Nothing says celebration like a mob of extended family all crammed under one roof. Festivities can’t truly get underway until a slew of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, boyfriends and girlfriends are all assembled. Your arrival isn’t complete until you’ve hugged every person on the premises and been asked what you’d like to drink at least three times, a process which takes the better part of 30 minutes at least (goodbyes are even longer). All this familial chit chat and embracing is a joyful, time-honored practice among my people. Greetings and farewells are as much part of a family dinner as the meal itself. 

Of course, given current events, we’ve had to make some adjustments and I’ve come to a renewed appreciation for the wonders of modern technology. This year, despite travel restrictions and being separated by three states, my parents, my sister and I found a way to come together under the same roof for a shared Easter dinner. We all cooked and ate in our respective homes while chatting over a Zoom conference call. We even got to see some new faces this year as we were joined by my sister’s boyfriend and his family. All things considered, I’d say I’ve adjusted relatively well to social distancing as I talk to my mom on the phone nearly everyday (far cheaper than therapy). However, there is something incredibly refreshing about seeing the faces which the voices over the phone belong to.  


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