POTD: Classy Tuesday

Forget casual Friday. I’ve often written of the abundant trials of working from home but today I’d like to shed light on one of the small joys that comes with the experience. You can wear whatever you want!

I’m not talking about the ripped t-shirt and baggy sweats you threw on when you rolled out of bed. True, when there’s no one around to impress, fashion prowess can occasionally go by the wayside. But it goes the other way too. You can sashay around in your fanciest dress and a pair of heels without fear of scandalized looks from your coworkers at being immensely overdressed.

This is exactly how I spent my Tuesday. My bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding arrived in the mail and I couldn’t resist trying it on during a quick lunch break. I’m thrilled to report that this flowing, chiffon, floor length, hunter green gown was the perfect fit. It hugged all the right places with room to move and had an athenian goddess quality that had me strutting around my apartment with a whole new attitude. 

I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day, completely overdressed for another day at the office and feeling like a million bucks. I justified this decision with my need to practice walking in the dress. Can’t have the maid of honor tripping over her hem on the day. I will definitely be practicing more over the coming months.