Fixing Habits Like a Hobbit

I’ve spent months brainstorming ways to improve my productivity, especially when working from home, and I think I may have finally cracked the code on how to live a happy and fulfilled life. Hobbits have the right idea with their seven daily meals, little celebrations throughout the day to encourage a job well done. Here are my ideas for embracing the Hobbit lifestyle. 

  1. Breakfast – 7am
    • Start the morning off on the right foot. Let in the sunshine, make the bed, get dressed and enjoy a morning coffee before greeting the new day.
  1. Second Breakfast – 9am 
    • By this time everyday I like to have at least two things checked off the To Do list. During the work week this might include following up with work emails or minor projects. On the weekends I prefer to start the day with a morning run and one chapter from my book.
  1. Elevenses – 11am
    • This is the soup or salad meal. Enjoy something healthy and refreshing. Even on busy days it’s important to walk away from the computer, if only for 15 minutes. Working from home, I like to break up the work day by getting off the screens to accomplish one productive, non-work related task to make full use of the daylight hours. Sometimes that task is as simple as taking a quick nap. Make sure to save a few minutes everyday to do something that’s good for you.  
  1. Luncheon – 1pm
    • After some food and relaxation it’s important to refocus and hit it hard. This is when work is in full swing. There are meetings to attend and larger group projects to get moving on. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by social media or the Youtube rabbit hole. You can do this. 
  1. Afternoon Tea – 3pm
    • Finish strong! Have a designated tea time and actually drink tea (not coffee). The moment I discovered the fresh perspective that a steaming cup of spice tea can bring to even the dullest of days was a huge turning point in my home office experience. This is a highly underrated way to stay focused as the day winds down and coworkers begin to sign off for the evening. I like to follow my work day with a little exercise, whether it be an hour of yoga or a light jog around the block. 
  1. Dinner – 6pm
    • This is the time to celebrate a job well done. Don’t ever skimp on dinner. After all that focused productivity you deserve to treat yourself with a meal fit for a Hobbit. Make something delicious and leave plenty of time to savor it with a pint of ale. 
  1. Supper – 9pm
    • At this point in the evening, the devices should be closed and tucked away. This is a time for reading a book or knitting a sweater or playing the piano all while sipping a glass of your favorite port. Make sure to enjoy and get to bed by 10:30pm so that you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed to do it all over again tomorrow.


POTD: Realm of Gondor

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post is a long overdue Photo of the Day. This one comes to you from a brisk early October afternoon in Cleveland, OH. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, if you ever have some time to kill in the area you can’t go wrong with a walk in the cemetery. Here, ornate stonework and stately mausoleums are in abundant supply. 

This plot in particular caught my eye, reminding me of the regal pale marble work of Gondorian architecture. As we passed, I couldn’t help feeling like we were entering the realm of the Dúnedain kings.