POTD: So Long Summer!

The cold drizzle that patters the windows and turns the sky to a churning steely sea makes my living room feel warm and cozy. Maybe I’ll try a new cookie recipe today or eat up a good book while lounging on my sofa in a pair of thick woolen socks. Maybe I’ll knit a sweater while bundled into my favorite handknits. I might strike up a tune on the piano for the silver sky to dance to. The possibilities are endless but one thing’s for sure, summer is packing up and heading south. 


POTD: Sweet Sweet Summer

It’s officially June and summer is here! I may eventually stop posting about how thrilled I am for warm weather activities but not today. Today I am so unbelievably happy to lounge on my balcony with a chilled cocktail and a good book. Today there is nothing better than soaking up the bright golden sunshine which seeps into every recess of my life and fills me up with yellow joy. 

I can’t wait to sunbathe on the beach at Lake Michigan or to rediscover the magnificent alpine vistas of the Colorado Rocky Mountains during my vacation. I’m excited for shorts and sundresses and sandals. I look forward to the unavoidable farmer’s tan and to wearing out my running shoes. It is a season of ice cream and barbecue and good times with friends. I am so ready! Are you?

POTD: Here Comes the Sun

Summer is almost here! In anticipation for lazy beach days and expeditions around the national lakeshore at Lake Michigan, today’s photo is from one such day last summer. In Colorado, the land of tall mountains and roaring rivers, my idea of a day at the beach was usually more accurately a day at the park with detours down to the rocky river bank. We’d hold our breath as we dipped our toes into the cold water that ran through the valley or take turns daring each other to completely submerge ourselves in its frigid embrace. I will always miss bike rides in the canyon along the bike path which paralleled the thundering river but life in Indiana gives an entirely different meaning to the phrase ‘beach day.’

Every time my parents visit, my mom always gets excited when she “can see the ocean.” Of course, the ribbon of blue that she’s squinting at in the distance isn’t an ocean at all, but Lake Michigan. Here folks can lounge in the sun on the sandy shore. The huge expanse of blue stretching as far as the eye can see is just a short distance away if ever they need to be refreshed from the afternoon heat. I can’t wait for more days like this. I intend to take full advantage of all the beauty that Lake Michigan offers when the weather warms up and beach going becomes available again.