POTD: Drifting in the Shallows

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post is short and sweet. It’s a photo gallery from one outing to the Michigan City Lighthouse during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Despite the blank, overcast sky, my sister was amazed at how blue Lake Michigan still looked. We were joined on the pier by a paddling of ducks and one lonely seagull who was determined to have his picture taken. There was something incredibly soothing about walking among them as we approached the lighthouse with few other people to be seen and the sound of gently swaying water rippling against the pier. 


POTD: Toes in the Sand

The lyrics to the Zac Brown Band song play in my head as I lounge in a beach chair at Michigan City Beach. Vacationing from Colorado, my mom was excited to share experiences that she couldn’t get at home. We spent the mornings reading and roasting on the shores of Lake Michigan and cooled off in the bright clear water. The sun-faded red roof of the lighthouse stood out against the pale hazy blue sky in the distance to our left. 

I hope to find more time for days like this throughout the summer. I may even acquire a little sea kayak and tour the waters along the beach and fully embrace the beach culture in northern Indiana. 

POTD: Range Day (Rimfire Challenge)

Nothing refreshes the soul like a little fire powered therapy with fantastic people. With recent COVID closures, practice time at the range has been difficult to come by but this weekend a group of ladies from my shooting league met at the Michigan City Rifle Club for the RCSA Rimfire Challenge. This is a .22 pistol and rifle competition designed to practice speed and accuracy while shooting steel targets. 

While gun safety was highly emphasized throughout the competition, there was an incredibly friendly and laid back atmosphere about the outdoor range as each squad of participants progressed through the five stages of the competition, a different arrangement of steel targets at each stage. Everyone was happy to offer useful tips or refill empty magazines while waiting for their turn. As the day wound down, people kicked back to munch on hot dogs and watch the last of the shooters finish. 

There was a sense of comradery among everyone at the range. Complete strangers chatted like old friends, easily bonding over a shared hobby. They were all delighted to welcome newcomers with stories of past competitions and to loan necessary equipment. I will definitely be going back for more range time in July. 

Lights on the Water

Following an excitement filled morning at the University of Notre Dame where we were given a front row seat to all the school pregame festivities, my parents and I decided to slow things down a bit and set out for a quiet afternoon in Michigan City. The Michigan City Lighthouse was recommended to me by a coworker as a Northern Indiana must-see. He strongly suggested we try to catch the lighthouse at sunset, scheduled to occur at precisely 6:12pm on the evening of our visit.  

We arrived several hours before the sun was due to perform its dazzling light show so we entertained ourselves at the Michigan City mall, Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets. My mom and I had a fantastic time touring the shops and bringing my wardrobe a step closer to perfection although my dad was less enthusiastic. He contented himself to wait on a bench by the door and google the scores of the CSM Oredigger football game on his phone. However, we made it up to him when we all crossed the street for dinner at The Polish Peasant with our bags a little heavier and out wallets a little lighter. 

Even before we ordered our food, I felt like I’d stumbled onto a new favorite. It reminded me of my Oma’s tiny kitchen from the decorative plates artfully arranged on the wall to the lace curtains that dappled the honey autumn light filtering through the windows. The red tablecloths and cozy atmosphere mingled perfectly with the warm scents of savory meats and bread fresh out of the oven. Despite only being able to pronounce half of the items on the menu, it was impossible to go wrong. We feasted on a meal of Polish sausage, pierogies, stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes; the kind of food that fills up your heart as well as your stomach and would make any sensible Hobbit proud. We loved it so much that we ordered dessert, something we rarely do, knowing full well that we could barely manage another bite.

With full bellies and happy hearts, we made our way to the Lighthouse, still licking powdered sugar from our fingertips. Sunset truly is the best time to view this attraction. Being mid October and off season for tourists, the parking lot and beach were relatively deserted as we walked out to the lighthouse. A stiff wind tugged at our coats and made small waves slap at the edge of the pier. The orange sherbert light sparkling on the churning surface of the water was well worth our cold feet and ruffled hair. The lighthouse itself posed for many photos, regally silhouetted against the flaming horizon fading to ashen blue. Even as the last rays of sun retreated from the rippling waves of Lake Michigan, the tip of the lighthouse winked to life. 

After witnessing this changing of the lights over Lake Michigan, we said goodnight and goodbye to Michigan City and headed for home. A day of food and leisure had left us happily exhausted and we all slept exceedingly well that night.