Once They All Believed in Dragons

What a magical world it would be if we all believed a little more. Wise words and one of my favorites by Jack Prelutsky. Have you seen any dragons lately? 

Once they all believed in dragons
 When the world was fresh and young,
 We were woven into legends,
 Tales were told and songs were sung,
 We were treated with obeisance,
 We were honored, we were feared,
 Then one day they stopped believing - 
 On that day, we disappeared.

 Now they say our time is over,
 Now they say we’ve lived our last,
 Now we’re treated with derision
 Where we once ruled unsurpassed.
 We must make them remember,
 In some way we must reveal
 That our spirit lives forever - 
 We are dragons! We are real!


POTD: If You Don’t Believe in Dragons

I recently came across one of my favorite childhood books, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight by Jack Prelutsky. As I skimmed through it one poem caught my eye. I think these words ring true for all sorts of magic. Dare to believe in the impossible.  

If you don’t believe in dragons,
It is curiously true
That the dragons you disparage
Choose to not believe in you.

Golden Book: Use Your Imagination

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these but I recently picked my favorite Little Golden Book and fell in love with its brilliant words of wisdom all over again. It felt like a good time to dive back in. After all, Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book (Diane Muldrow).

When you get home it’s so easy to plop on the sofa, TV remote in hand, or to settle in front of your computer for some mindless scrolling. I challenge you to resist the temptation to go completely brain dead after a long hard day at the office. While all of those activities are gratifyingly mind numbing, partaking in them does nothing to recharge your mental, emotional or social batteries. You’re simply killing time. 

Instead, dare to raise your expectations for yourself by exercising a little self control and by pursuing a passion totally unrelated to your job, even if you like your job. In my experience, the happiest people tend to be well rounded with a multitude of passions and outlets for all that pent up stress. Don’t shut down the minute you get home from work. Wake up. Energize yourself with something completely different and creative and 100 percent for you.

Be creative. Read a fantasy novel. Make something with your hands. Paint a picture. Sing a song. Try a new cocktail recipe. It could be anything. Just do something! Take up a hobby. Maybe join a writer’s club or take a woodworking class. It’s never too late to have fun while learning something new but make sure to use your imagination.