POTD: Girls’ Day

Nothing beats a day at the range with your gal pals. Sometimes a little female bonding with some fire powered relaxation is exactly what’s needed to turn a rough week around. This is a true example of women empowering women. 


POTD: Just a Little Rain

There are many widespread commonalities regarding the unhindered good nature of folks in the midwest. I’ve had the chance to confirm a few of these including their abundant generosity and their hobbit-like love of food (and ale). But I’ve also come across some similarities which I did not expect. One example is the general lack of cool weather attire during the wet seasons. No one wears a raincoat around here. You don’t see sensible adults making a break for their cars to avoid getting wet. In a heavy downpour, people meander through their daily errands just the same as if it weren’t raining.

Midwesterners are not afraid of a little rain (or, more often, a torrential storm which makes you wonder if an enormous bucket was just emptied over Valparaiso and which leaves all the blossoms a little windswept). No matter what the weather, people never seem to be in much of a hurry here (at least not until you merge onto the highway where everyone suddenly recalls their dreams of NASCAR racing). Competitive driving aside, I enjoy all the little things in Indiana that remind me to take my time and savor the world for a while before I get where I’m going.