POTD: Communing with Nature (Cowles Bog)

I finally got my walk in the woods! It was more of a run with some walking and short pauses for photo opps along the way at Cowles Bog. As the longest run I’ve done in months, it was an excellent way to remind myself how spectacularly out of shape I am. But where better to kick your own butt than in the peace and beauty of nature.

I woke up early on a Saturday morning to beat the crowds and was able to find parking (there were still only a couple spaces left in the lot when I arrived) and hit the trail a little before 8 am. The cool morning air made for perfect jogging weather through the tall leafy trees. Most of the walkers along the trail were toting expensive looking cameras and for good reason. As I ran, I imagined a group of hobbits approaching Rivendell surrounded by a similar scene.