POTD: Rocky Mountain High

When people hear that you’re from Colorado they often respond with a conspiratorial raising of eyebrows and a knowing smile. There seems to be a general assumption that, as a Coloradan, you partake in certain recreational activities for which Colorado has become known in recent years. This, in my opinion, is a rather unfair assumption. Allow me to set the record straight once and for all. We don’t all like to hit up the local dispensaries when we’re in town, not when there are so many mountains to summit instead. This is my rocky mountain high. 



Everyone has a preferred local watering hole that they like to frequent on Friday nights with old college roommates or family members visiting for the weekend. From cozy meaderies to polished cocktail lounges, everybody has their own taste. In my case it is in the form of unique craft beers that come from the Goldspot Brewing Company in Arvada, Colorado. This inviting neighborhood brewery is owned and run by a true beer enthusiast and artist. It’s a place where everyone knows you and is happy to lend a hand in helping you choose the perfect beer. You’re bound to find something you’ll love with flavors like Kodiak Brown, Sea of Pears and Radiator American Lager. 

An unofficial poll identified some of the top Goldspot beers although the list could go on for days. 

  1. Noble Experiment 
  2. Cabernet Doppelbock 
  3. Strawberry Imperial Brett Saison
  4. Sudachi Lime Mexican Lager
  5. Rum Red Hefferveisen 

Every time I fly into Colorado to visit my family we always have to stop for a beer at the Goldspot. This particular pit stop is non-negotiable. I love my Colorado beer so much that we’ve even resorted to shipping it out to Indiana a few times to be enjoyed on the most special Midwestern occasions. However, I’m hunting for suitable substitutes here in Indiana and I welcome recommendations. What’s your favorite Indiana brewery? Share in the comments. 

POTD: Rocky Mountain Zen

Do you ever have those days or weeks when focusing on a task for more than five minutes feels nearly impossible? You still feel all the passion for everything you wish to accomplish and relish the thrill of checking things off the To Do list but somehow, it still feels like you’re moving through molasses as you begin even the simplest tasks.

On those days I close my eyes and remember the restoring, alpine air and views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where peace and clarity flood my senses. Where better to meditate and clear my head?

POTD: Breaking Trail

Winters in the mountains can be a little unpredictable. One day, it’s a perfect blue skied, sunny day and the next, it’s blizzarding sideways. But no matter what the weather, there’s always time for a hike. With the temperature settling at a whopping 12 ℉ we set out through the untouched snow for some winter fun on this particularly windy day. The best adventures are the ones that leave you with a few stories. 

The icy wind stayed mostly at our backs on the way in and dissipated somewhat when we turned around due to a couple of blistered feet. As the flurrying snow subsided we were able to see down the valley to our left and enjoy the views despite still hunching into the wind with masked and goggled faces. By the time we arrived back at the car, bits of ice had nested themselves in my hair and eyelashes and we all looked like some approximation of the abominable snowman. We gratefully sipped hot chocolate and munched on cheese and crackers as we hit the road back home after a day well spent.

Christmas Visitors

I will eventually stop talking about Christmas but not today. There’s a brief time which comes every Christmas season when all the magical things in the world wake up and life feels like the happy ending to a good book. For one week, the smell of fresh cookies trails through the house even when the oven has been turned off and the cookies carefully stowed in their tins for future munching. The finest dusting of baking flour seems to linger over the kitchen counters and the air tastes sugar sweet. 

Christmas is special. Even amid the most mild winters snow falls in the mountains of Colorado to settle over the lawn like a fuzzy white comforter. Whether it be huge fluffy flakes eddying past the street lamps on Christmas Eve or the inexplicable appearance of five inches of fresh powder on Christmas morning, it always comes. 

The frosty weather heralds the arrival of a few unexpected guests and this year was no different. No matter how old I get, I can’t help squealing like a six year old with a quarter from the Tooth Fairy every time I wake up to a winter wonderland. I skipped through the house to gawk at it from every window and, sure enough, tucked in the very back of the yard beneath a mesh of plum branches and bedded down in my mom’s garden napped four Christmas deer. They stayed all afternoon, occasionally standing to stretch their long necks or burying their noses in the snow in search of fallen crabapples. Even Mother Nature knows that Christmas is a time to cherish traditions. 

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Snowshoeing in the mountains of Colorado on a cloudless winter day is one of life’s great joys and an annual tradition in my family. This year, my mom and I bundled up and cleared our schedules for a quiet walk in the woods. Although it didn’t take long to work up a sweat along the trail, the hike was well worth the effort. I felt like I’d stepped into a snowglobe. The towering pines and aspens were perfectly frosted with a layer of snow like white icing on a gingerbread cookie. My head was on a constant swivel as we walked. I’ve always loved Colorado winters but after two years living and working in Indiana, I’ve come to a newfound appreciation for that fantastic Colorado sky. These photos have not been doctored in any way. The sky really is that blue!

POTD: Good Vibes

After a full day of travel, coordinating rides and connections to keep a schedule, it’s good to kick back. Nothing like sampling the local flavors to put the world to rights. Happy Monday! This Christmas week make sure to spare a little time to share a glass with your favorite people. 

POTD: Tall Tales

High up in the lofty alpine Colorado air there exists a world outside of time. The dull thunder of traffic and the gleaming windows of storefronts are distant memories. It’s a place where stories collide, where fantasy meets the wild west. Passing cowboys on their way to recapture their stolen cattle tip their hats to shining knights fresh from the throes of battling dragons. Ancient cliffs jut up from the enchanted depths of crystal lakes, forever guarding the secrets of the mountains with their sheer stone faces. 

Unnumbered fictions come together seamlessly in this place that was made for tall tales. There’s nowhere quite like it. Happy hiking. 

Miracles Among the Ashes

Tucked away in the grand halls of Glenwood Canyon there has always been a crystal blue lake twinkling high in the limestone cliffs. Hanging Lake is a beloved gem of Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a destination for tourists and locals alike. After a 1.5 mile hike and 734 feet of elevation gain, one look into its glassy depths is enough to understand why. 

Photo by Bryce Bradford from Flikr

However, Glenwood locals hold their breath as the Grizzly Creek Fire rages on around Hanging Lake, home to countless fond childhood memories. The fire has so far miraculously passed over the lake, leaving its immediate surroundings untouched. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Colorado and the firefighters who are working tirelessly to tame both the Grizzly Creek and Pine Gulch fires.