Hindsight is 2020

This was the year that I finally got moving with this blog. It has been a much needed creative outlet which has honed my writing and photography skills as well as required no small amount of self discipline. Today, on the last day of 2020, I want to revisit all the things I accomplished this year. 

In 2020 I…

  1. Mastered apartment baking (without burning down the building)
  2. Knit a hat for bigfoot
  3. Enjoyed dinner for one
  4. Shared Easter dinner under one roof
  5. Marveled at the Indiana fog
  6. Put a bookshelf where a TV would go
  7. Got all dressed up with nowhere to go
  8. Said good morning to a goose
  9. Was filled with home
  10. Went walkin on sunshine
  11. Caught a photo with the popcorn guy
  12. Satisfied my sweet tooth
  13. Had a girls’ night (with the boys)
  14. Fell in love with the last three pages
  15. Ate a burger that changed my life
  16. Watched robbins play soccer
  17. Prayed to a tissue paper cross
  18. Went on a hot date (with me)
  19. Made the best tomato soup ever
  20. Faked it like a pro
  21. Enjoyed rainy day baking
  22. Was the middle man
  23. Went walking in the rain (just a little rain)
  24. Communed with nature
  25. Savored pierogi culture
  26. Smelled the flowers
  27. Went jogging in Indiana
  28. Had an authentic conversation
  29. Battled writer’s brain
  30. Smiled
  31. Adulted in a new place
  32. Listened to the echoes of the Shire
  33. Was wooed by Indiana
  34. Pulled the trigger on a range day
  35. Stuck my toes in the sand
  36. Unplugged and recharged
  37. Honed my aim with target practice
  38. Discovered where the Entwives went
  39. Had a good day
  40. Showed off my Colorado pride
  41. Dipped my feet in crystal clear water
  42. Discovered the freedom of flight
  43. Got whipped into shape at Colorado bootcamp
  44. Believed in magic
  45. And angels
  46. Had pizza in the park
  47. Listened to music in the plaza
  48. Learned how paper beats rock
  49. Overcame cabin fever
  50. Took up space
  51. Packed everything but the kitchen sink
  52. Found the way to the castle
  53. Looked up
  54. Experienced Sunday in Little Italy
  55. Felt a change in the air
  56. Made Parmesan Spinach Gnocchi
  57. Apologized to all the books I should have read
  58. Picniced in a secret garden
  59. Touched my toes
  60. Watched summer turn to fall
  61. Got some shut-eye
  62. Relished that new shoes feeling
  63. Started with a blank canvas
  64. Dreamed of snowflakes
  65. Made time for family time
  66. Found 6 things to do in Ohio
  67. Heard the elf song
  68. Believed in dragons
  69. Made a few ripples
  70. Found home in the details
  71. Met with tower guards and fair maidens
  72. Said so long to summer
  73. Was the dancing queen
  74. Channeled Audrey
  75. Gave Superman a hand
  76. Got moving
  77. Witnessed the last rays of sunshine
  78. Considered what the founding fathers knew
  79. Was strangled by inspiration
  80. Played a song for our heroes
  81. Passed into the realm of Gondor
  82. Journeyed to tall places for tall tales
  83. Welcomed Jack Frost
  84. Played tourist
  85. Visited James A. Garfield Monument
  86. Had a girls’ day (fire powered girl power)
  87. Gave thanks
  88. Set the table for a feast
  89. Watched ducks drifting in the shallows
  90. Went for an evening stroll during the season of lights
  91. Didn’t overthink it
  92. Let a book eat my weekend
  93. Breathed fresh air
  94. Had a very Jan Brett Christmas
  95. Celebrated little wins
  96. Saw the world upside down
  97. Felt peace and joy
  98. Relaxed with good vibes
  99. Donned my warm woollen mittens
  100. Overreacted