What Will Your Part Be?

“All we can do is play our parts and keep each other company.” – Cissy, Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg

It’s hard to remember sometimes that we all have an important part to play, that everything happens for a reason even when we can’t fathom what that reason is. Everyone is cooped up these days and feelings are easily muddled. There’s something deeply unsatisfying about waking up, going to work and eventually signing off for the day all within the confines of the same three rooms without stepping so much as a toe outside to participate in the world. And on those rare occasions when we are graced with plans which require us to interact with society, coming home doesn’t feel half as good when we know there’s only a dark, empty living room waiting for us when we get there. 

I believe that life is all about the people in it. It’s why I threw myself into the role of host, planner and general group mom among my fellow new hires when I moved to Indiana. Reaching out to people I didn’t know well and inviting them to an afternoon with silly, shy, little me was and often still is something that I find decidedly uncomfortable but I was determined to make friends in a place where I had very few acquaintances. Eventually, after months of practice, it did get easier. 

Of course, now people are quiet, hunkered down in their homes while they wait for promises of safety from the virus. Everyone is skittish of getting too close while catching up over a bite at the local burger joint. Still, I’m itching for my life to return to the whirlwind pace of 2019 when the walls of my apartment felt like home base for unending possibilities instead of the boundaries to a very small world.

At some point we’ve all felt small. We’re only human after all. But maybe simply making it through our bad moments will be the consolation that someone else needs to get through theirs. We’re social creatures, hardwired with a desire for steady love and friendship. It’s never too late to call up a friend, even one you haven’t spoken to in six months. We are all here for a reason. What will your part be?


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