Do’s and Don’ts

Today, for the umpteenth time, I am taking a moment to jot down a few goals. I’ve been dreading this for a while since my list looks frighteningly similar to one I made five months ago. I was hoping to have checked some of these items off by now but sometimes writing them down can be a jump start on a fresh start so here goes. 


  • Kill time with Facebook, Netflix or Youtube.
  • Leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Forget to open the mail.
  • Stay up past 11pm.
  • Skip the workout. 
  • Forget to practice the piano.
  • Put off meal prep ‘till Monday.


  • Be awake during daylight hours.
    • Go for a run.
    • Read a book.
    • Do an hour of yoga.
    • Play the piano.
    • Finish your paint by numbers.
    • Finish knitting your first sweater.
  • Clean as you go.
  • Cook dinner on Sunday.
  • Be outside everday, rain or shine.
  • Go out for date night, even if it’s just you.
  • Write for fun and away from screens.
    • Bring a notebook.
  • Go to bed early and wake up early.
  • Make a routine and stick to it.
  • Say ‘thank you’ everyday.

While there are plenty more helpful resolutions rattling around in my brain, these are the ones I’d most love to master. What are your do’s and don’ts?


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