Don’t Wait for the Weekend!

Oops! Another weekend bites the dust. Have you been finding it difficult to motivate since COVID shut downs and stay at home orders? I know I have. Today marks the end of yet another weekend in which I vowed and failed to check some things off of my To Do list. Friday was a much needed reprieve after a particularly stressful work week. However, Saturday and Sunday slipped by in much the same way as most of them do these days. I’m constantly making promises to myself that “I’ll get to it this weekend.” Well, the weekend has come and gone. 

No matter how I strategize and how many lists I make, the weekend never seems to go according to plan. I’ve spent months making promises to myself on Friday only to break them the following Monday. It is time to make some changes! If you put off until the weekend what you could be accomplishing today, you’ve already lost the battle. If you’re like me, you probably spend more time beating yourself up for all the things you haven’t done than you do by actually finishing something.

Let today be a fresh start to a new strategy. Stop waiting for the weekend. There will always be excuses not to do things. Be stronger than your excuses. 

How do you stay motivated amid the pandemic?


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