POTD: Family Time

Making new friends is an amazing experience and by far one of the best things you can possibly do when moving to a new place. However, there are times in life when you just have to go be with your people, the ones that really know you. These are the people that never had to earn your love but make a point to anyway. These are the ones that belt out Meatloaf songs with you when you crank the volume in your car, the three back seat drivers that you can’t help but love despite their perpetually confounding directional advice. 

These are the people that had already imagined your dream wedding and catalogued a few fitting baby names before you were even dating. You didn’t have to tell them what you wanted. They already knew. They’re the ones that always have been and always will be with you through every significant and insignificant chapter of your life. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded just how much we love those people. 


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