Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Comfort should be a reward, not a lifestyle. It is the peace and quiet at the end of the day after a job well done. It’s valuable, a powerful motivator in small doses. There are times in life when you should kick back and get comfortable because after everything you’ve done and been through, you deserve it. Comfort is a warm and inviting place where nothing difficult or unexpected ever happens, a necessary reprieve from the daily slog. 

But don’t get too comfortable. It’s where you go to recharge but you can’t live there. Nothing would ever get done. History was never made by comfortable people. Every legend that ever walked the Earth felt the same itch to change the way things were in an effort to make them the way they ought to be. The only reason that we wake up every day with the drive to improve our lives is because there is something, small and insignificant though it may be, that makes us uncomfortable. There is always something that could be better. 

We’re only human after all, flawed and prone to catastrophe. In my experience, most people also share a universal lack of self motivation. We need life altering opportunities that only the most disastrous mistakes can bring. We need the turmoil and torment of close calls and tight spots. We need the pure thrill and unadulterated joy of succeeding in the face of hardship.

How can we savor the simple, well-earned comforts of life if we have never truly been uncomfortable? Being comfortable is not the same as being happy; safe and secure, yes. But not happy. Don’t waste time settling for what’s easy when you could be fighting for what’s right. 


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