That New Shoes Feeling

Being a woman in the steel industry means that it’s often difficult to find peers with comparable fashion sense. Not that fashion is much of a consideration when you don the safety gear to venture out into the mill. More than once, I’ve been mistaken for a man while wearing the thick, flame retardant pants and jacket, hard hat and steel toed boots that are required for on site projects.

I make up for these amusing oversights by constantly putting my best foot forward while in the office, a habit which is not universally shared or appreciated. The sharp clickety-clack of my high heeled boots on a hard linoleum floor has occasionally snapped the silence of my office’s one long, dimly lit hallway, every ear in the building tuned into my coming and going. 

But as much as I enjoy making an entrance, I do try to avoid being disruptive every time I need to slip down the hall for a quick bathroom break. This was recently found to be an issue, as my single pair of suede high heeled wedges were complete with noisy plastic soles that made it impossible to be discrete. 

What better reason for a solo shopping date? Sometimes you just have to buy the shoes (this time with comfortable rubber soles). No matter what your daily office uniform, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to some guilt free shopping this weekend. Of course, don’t go overboard and break your bank but relax, have fun, and maintain that fabulous feminine sparkle of yours. Don’t dim the pep in your step simply because that’s what everyone else did. Chill out and buy the shoes. 


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