POTD: Just a Bend in the Road

Sometimes it’s so much easier to tally up the things going wrong than it is to enjoy the things going right. All those little snags throughout the day always seem to add up; a frustrating project at work, a pile of chores to do when you get home, an unpleasant phone call that you’ve been putting off for a week. What starts as a bright happy morning can very quickly turn sour with the slightest push. Some days there is no work dilemma or dreaded phone call. You just know that things didn’t go quite the way they were supposed to and that it was your fault. 

But in the end, a bad day is just a bend in the road. There’s bound to be a few of them as life rarely progresses in a linear fashion. If you’re like me, you can get stuck agonizing over all those little disappointments and wasted time. This is entirely counter productive and an exercise in frustration. Make sure to cut yourself some slack on those days. Even a detour is forward progress so relax and take a minute to appreciate the good things.

What’s going right in your life? 


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