POTD: A Giant’s Playground

When walking familiar trails in the mountains of Colorado I love to imagine my favorite fellowship of nine led by a wizard in a tall pointed grey hat traveling similar paths. It brings me no end of entertainment to picture a hoard of orc warg riders charging over the distant ridges to meet the cavalry of the Rohirrim. The scenery while journeying to hidden icy lakes and craggy mountain peaks is the stuff of fantasy. Great tales of legendary battles and mythic creatures are set in places like this. 

On this clear mountain day I wondered what the giant had been playing when he tossed these boulders in a pile. Perhaps sunlight on the surface of the adjoining lake caught his eye, distracting him from his game. Maybe someday he’ll come back to finish it. I haven’t met any mountain giants yet but I’m always on the lookout. Happy trails!


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