POTD: Colorado Bootcamp

These boots were made for walkin! I recently returned from a fabulous vacation where I spent the better part of ten days hiking in the mountains of Western Colorado. This time was affectionately and aptly titled Colorado bootcamp by my parents. As any prepared hiker knows, it’s important to have the right tools for the job and I celebrated this trip with the purchase of a much needed pair of hiking boots. I dedicated the rest of my visit to breaking them in.  

We set out from Glenwood Springs nearly every morning before 8am in order to beat the heat and arrive early at the trailhead. Our hikes ranged anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours outside of town and spanned distances between two and eleven miles long. Some of these were familiar paths that my family has been returning to for years while others were completely new to me, discovered by my parents when I was in Indiana. 

With each mountain adventure, we tried and failed to pinpoint our favorite trail but always agreed that to do so would be like choosing a favorite child. Every hike presented unique terrain and its own brand of spectacular views. The mountain scenes were breathtaking in more ways than one, all leaving me completely exhausted from the physical rigor of several thousand feet of elevation gain on our quest for remote alpine lakes. No two trails were quite the same but each one left me with aching feet and a happy heart. 


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