5 Mid Year Resolutions

I always thought that New Year was a completely arbitrary time to renew personal goals and never made much of a fuss about coming up with a solid list of resolutions to begin on the first of January. I am constantly creating and revising expectations for myself and the things I want to accomplish. I see no point in allowing the next six months to slip by while we all wait for the clean slate that will be 2021. Why wait until next year to make improvements that you could be implementing right now? Here are some of my current resolutions.

  1. Learn to cook – I do have several spectacular recipes under my belt but it’s high time I added a few new ones. My current dinner rotation doesn’t thrill quite like it used to. 
  2. Start training for a half marathon – I always wondered what it would be like to be able to say that I ran a half marathon. Maybe it’s time I found out. Distant ‘what if’s’ are only far away until you do them.
  3. Be an early riser – There was a time in my life when I only needed one alarm in the morning, set to go off everyday at the same time. The snooze button went unused and getting out of bed didn’t span a 20 minute period. I’d like to get back to that.
  4. Respectably adult – Taxes and doctors and passports, oh my! There are always checkups to schedule, appointments to keep, health and sanity to be maintained. I’d like to make a dent in the seemingly endless stream of bills, forms, phone calls, and follow ups that clutter my To Do list. 
  5. Keep myself in line – Motivation without discipline is doomed to fail. Pride is a powerful motivator which is one of the reasons why I prefer to go jogging outside rather than on a treadmill. If I stop to walk, people will see me fail. However, I’m on the hunt for effective methods of self discipline in all facets of my life, the kind of discipline I had when I used to get up for my one and only alarm every morning. I’m fed up with disappointing myself.

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