POTD: Range Day (Rimfire Challenge)

Nothing refreshes the soul like a little fire powered therapy with fantastic people. With recent COVID closures, practice time at the range has been difficult to come by but this weekend a group of ladies from my shooting league met at the Michigan City Rifle Club for the RCSA Rimfire Challenge. This is a .22 pistol and rifle competition designed to practice speed and accuracy while shooting steel targets. 

While gun safety was highly emphasized throughout the competition, there was an incredibly friendly and laid back atmosphere about the outdoor range as each squad of participants progressed through the five stages of the competition, a different arrangement of steel targets at each stage. Everyone was happy to offer useful tips or refill empty magazines while waiting for their turn. As the day wound down, people kicked back to munch on hot dogs and watch the last of the shooters finish. 

There was a sense of comradery among everyone at the range. Complete strangers chatted like old friends, easily bonding over a shared hobby. They were all delighted to welcome newcomers with stories of past competitions and to loan necessary equipment. I will definitely be going back for more range time in July. 


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