POTD: Wooed by Indiana

When people from Indiana hear that I relocated from Colorado it usually triggers an incredibly emphatic and genuine “WHY?!” They are flabbergasted that anyone would intentionally leave the snow capped peaks of Colorado for the flat greenery of Indiana. I understand this to a degree. The Colorado mountains command a unique majesty that is sought after across the globe and in many ways, nothing will ever compare. I will always be a mountain girl and a piece of my heart will always belong in Colorado.

However, despite the lack of open Indiana pride among the locals, my new home is not without its charm. One of the ladies in my shooting league recommended Sunset Hill Farm as a great place to go running so, having no plans on a beautiful Saturday night, I decided to check it out. This particular expedition turned out to be as much about rediscovering nature (again) as it was about actual exercise. It was more of an interval workout as I spent half the time gaping up at the chaos of vines and branches and huge emerald leaves that made the canopy overhead. The foliage was so dense in places that the path was more like a tunnel buzzing with life, fresh and green. 

There will never come a day when I don’t crave the awe inspiring views of Colorado. There’s no sensation quite like standing on top of the world and looking out, completely humbled at your small part in a world of such magnificent proportion and grandeur. I will always be wowed by Colorado but on this June evening, I was wooed by Indiana. 


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