Playing the Long Game

Everyone always said that I could do anything I wanted. They never promised it would be easy. In my experience, the things that come easy in life tend to be temporary. I think that every person on the planet wants difficult things but many end up settling for short term satisfaction among all facets of their lives; careers, relationships, hobbies. So many people entering the workforce flit from one job to another without really committing to any of them. Everyone has dreams and great big ideas about changing the world even if only in a small way. But for many, these will only ever be daydreams. 

We grow up being told that we can achieve anything, the sky is the limit. But the fact that we can doesn’t necessarily mean that we will. You have to do more than want it. Go ahead and wish upon a star. It might hear you and send some good luck your way. But luck tends to favor the prepared so in the meantime, start planning how you’re going to conquer all of those immense and terrifying dreams. Work to become the sort of person that’s capable of getting the things that you want. 

If you play the long game you will undoubtedly be called upon to do things that make you uncomfortable. You will stumble and you may fall flat on your face once or twice. You will also likely experience a level of happiness that you never knew you were capable of because the joy of achieving your goals is so much more fulfilling than simple external pleasures. Dare to commit to your dreams. Books aren’t written about those who settled for a life of ease and comfort. At best, they are a footnote in someone else’s story. There will be plenty of time to relax in retirement but today you have things to do. 

Go take on the world! I believe in you.


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