Moving to a New Place (5 Adulting Tips)

Nothing makes you feel more grown up than successfully filling out your taxes or registering to vote in a new state. Here are some strategies and activities to consider to be a fully functioning adult when relocating to a new place.

  • Find a doctor – If you relocated for a job, you will likely have some sort of benefits package that goes with it. Make sure to look up what this covers and find a local doctor that takes your insurance
  • Find a dentist – This is similar to the doctor. Find one that is close to you and make an appointment for a check up. There’s nothing more grown up than scheduling an appointment before you need one. 
  • Stay up on car maintenance – If you are a gear head that likes to fix your own cars, this may not apply to you but if you’re like me, any sudden weird squeaks or ticks your car makes are bound to put you on edge. Take care of it before there’s a problem. 
  • Take a trip to the local DMV – If you’re moving to a new state and plan to stay a while, you will need to renew your driver’s license and car registration. This is also a good time to make sure your voter registration is all sorted out. 
  • Start your taxes early – This goes for everyone, even if you’re not relocating. You’ll never regret finishing your taxes well ahead of the deadline. I tend to run into a few questions during this process so I like to leave plenty of time for working out any kinks. 

These are a few items on my list of good adulting techniques but I’m always learning new ones. Please share any of your tips for success in new places in the comments below.


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