POTD: Flowers for Mom

This is a public service announcement that Mother’s Day is in two days! Don’t forget to send a bouquet to the fearsome mama bear that kissed your bruises all better and made sure you ate your vegetables. There have been a lot of flower photos this week but I can’t help it. It’s springtime and everything is blooming and this special lady deserves all the flowers in the world, even the ones that are a little past their prime but still pretty that she likes to rescue from the grocery store discount bin. She’s the red pen in the decisive hand of the editor-in-chief and the bared teeth of a snarling grizzly defending her cubs. She’s the house where Christmas lingers all year and the ring of rightness ever present in “practice makes perfect.” She’s the two words you always needed to finish your calculus homework and she’s best friends with the tooth fairy.

There’s absolutely nothing you cannot achieve but she believed it long before you did. She always will. She’s your number one fan. No matter where you go, whether you’re on the team or in the band, she will be there in the bleachers shouting you on because she’s your most loyal groupie. She’s magic. One snap of her fingers and suddenly your favorite handknit mittens are no longer lost. She’s a Michelin Star chef and a German lullaby and she can do anything. Thank you for filling us with grace and wisdom each and every day. We love you Mom!


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