Blossoming Valparaiso

This is technically not a Photo of the Day but many photos taken at Ogden Gardens Park in Valparaiso on a beautiful, clear skied Saturday afternoon. The world in springtime is like a high school girl preparing for senior prom. She dusts off the snow that settled in her perfumed hair and dazzles in her favorite floral gown. On this sunny April day, she happily preened for the camera. 

Ogden Gardens Park features a stunning Japanese garden, gazebo, and network of trails where visitors can savor the sunshine. It is the perfect place for a stroll or a picnic and I plan to do both as we move closer to summer. There were people around but everyone adhered to the unspoken library voices rule as each was caught in the soft serenity that hangs over Ogden Gardens Park. Even the kids chasing each other across the lawn refrained from shouting and the dogs on leashes seemed to know that this was not a place for barking. 

This was a wonderful stop on my way to the grocery store even though it’s nowhere near the grocery store. Next time I’ll be sure to bring a book and a picnic sandwich and stay a while. Where do you go to meditate on the beauty in nature? Share your favorite places in the comments.


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