POTD: Robins Playing Soccer

When inspiration fails it pays to take a walk. Sometimes all you need are fresh views, fresh ideas, fresh air. Now, with summer on the way there’s even more to enjoy as the world begins to stir from hibernation. At times, I’m perfectly content to sit and watch the grass grow greener by the minute. There are two small trees visible from my apartment window and everyday they cast a little more shade. This freewrite came from my most recent expedition into the neighborhood on a chilly spring afternoon. 

Nothing heralds warm weather like the chatter of thousands of birds in the sky, fluttering their wings among the leaves so that it seems like the blossoming trees themselves might take flight at any moment. I saw two robins playing soccer today. One of them had just attempted to score. The goalie was planted in front of a small net, the ball a short distance to his left. The owners of the ball and net had already turned in for the evening, no doubt having just been called inside to wash up for dinner. Still, the game continued as the two robins danced across the field. They were refereed by a blue bird who perched on a low hanging branch to one side, prepared to step in at the first sign of fowl play. However, today he was just a spectator like me. There was no unsportsmanlike conduct, just two robins playing soccer. 


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