POTD: Girls’ Night (With the Boys)

I’ve made so many new friends during my time in Indiana working in the steel industry but sometimes you just need a girls’ night with your closest gal pals. My mom and my sister were more than happy to oblige and we all marked our calendars. It took a little creativity since we are separated by over one thousand miles and everyone is social distancing. Therefore, one Sunday evening we all got together for our first ever virtual girls’ night. We shared a beer over a Zoom conference call while we all watched the same chick flick and gave ourselves manicures. It required a bit of coordination and multiple computers but was a fantastic way to spend a few hours with family.

Even though it was a girls’ night and we enjoyed free reign for our movie selection, we were joined by my dad and my sister’s housemates. Two of the boys even consented to have their nails done and we all looked fabulous by the time the evening was over. It was nice to do something together, even something as simple as watching a movie and painting our nails. Although it’s much easier to share a couch and a TV, hanging out with friends is far from impossible in the world we live in. What are some of your favorite memories with your gal pals? 


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