POTD: Table for One

Being stuck inside because of social distancing is a poor excuse not to enjoy some of your favorite things. Now, more than ever, it’s important to get in touch with your inner hobbit and appreciate comforts close to home. As the weather warms up I like to eat dinner on my apartment balcony and watch the sky change colors. When I’m finished eating, I’ll sit outside with a good book even after the sun has relinquished the stage for the moon’s spectacular debut in the night sky. 

German lentils with spaetzle and polish sausage was the dinner special on this particular evening, washed down with a cold beer. Even though the table was only set for one, there was a deep sense of contentment which came with my solo outdoor dining. It felt like something Bilbo Baggins might have enjoyed before a polite troop of dwarves came knocking on his green door asking for a burglar.


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