POTD: Handknits and Holy Water

Happy Easter! To everyone who will not be spending it with family because we are still social distancing, thoughts and prayers are coming to you from Valparaiso, Indiana. We live in a time in which staying connected has never been easier, yet is incredibly difficult at the same time. In light of recent events, many people are limiting face-to-face interaction which breeds a special kind of insanity among those of us who previously relished the bliss of not having roommates. After three weeks of working from home and carefully maintaining six feet of separation with other humans on the rare neighborhood jog or grocery run, the appeal of being able to talk to myself has worn off somewhat.

However, in this time of ever-evolving technology, there are few excuses not to stay in touch with friends and family. Most video calling platforms are straightforward enough that even the technologically challenged, like myself, can manage but for those who prefer more conventional methods there are still regular phone calls, emails, texts, even the occasional snail mail. No matter who you are, it’s fun to find stuff with your name on it when you open your mail. It’s even better when it comes in a large box and contains some of your favorite things from home. 

I received a special care package this week and, although it took over two weeks to arrive, the timing could not have been better. My mom sent me a few season essentials including a beautiful green shawl that she made and filled with mommy love, a new Easter dress and accessories (we have very similar fashion sense), Epiphany holy water from her church, a new book to keep me busy during quarantine, and her version of a sweater to use as a reference as I attempt to make my own. It was the perfect Easter treat to unwrap, filled with little reminders of my family in Colorado. 

Don’t forget to tell your family you love them this Easter even if you can’t physically be there to celebrate with them. Good company is just a phone call away. 


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