POTD: Rookie Mistakes

Oops! I made a hat for Bigfoot. There’s a happy thrill of accomplishment when picking up new hobbies which is occasionally checked by newbie mishaps. I am a baby knitter and recently had the pleasure of learning how not to make a hat for a human sized head. Thankfully, my mom is a seasoned veteran in the knitter sphere and was able to recommend a few simple fixes as well as guide me through the stress of my first dropped stitch. A gauge swatch before starting a project is always a good idea to get your bearings when trying your hand at new yarn and new needles. Also, as in this case, smaller needles could help reduce the size although I’m sure Bigfoot would have liked it. 

I’m now in the process of ripping it out and starting again as every knitting guru promises they did countless times in their beginning years. Despite the unfortunate oversights which led to me starting over, I’m excited that I get to now knit two hats for the price of one. There’s a happy silver lining in every failed knitting project (Pun intended. I still have a lot to learn before I try an actual lining in one of my handknits).


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