Photo of the Day

Unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way of well-intentioned hobbies like blogging. This page has been a series of attempts to create a routine when it comes to writing and getting the creative juices flowing. However, with each attempt, I have fallen off the wagon for one reason or another and was unable to continue providing posts as thoroughly and consistently as I would have liked. Therefore, I have decided to try a different tactic. My new goal is to generate just one photo everyday with a brief story, caption, thought or any other random brainwave floating around in my head. 

Kicking it off, we’re nearing the end of my very first winter in the Midwest. Around this time in Colorado I’d be holding my breath, afraid that sneezing too forcefully might blow away the warm rays of early spring sunshine. Here in Indiana the warm weather seems to be holding on and I’ve been able to enjoy it over the past couple of weeks with some light jogging through the neighborhood. 


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